Thailand: Amatavivadhana's Abode & Siam Niramit

the house we stayed at was INCREDIBLE. it was custom designed by jill herself

their amazing long hallway
the most comfortable living room with the most comfortable couch
other side of the living room facing the pool area
the house is located within a closed/gated community which keeps it safe and guarded. thailand has an extreme gap between the poor and the rich. if you aren't in the community, you can tell how dangerous and dirty the common area is in comparison. a gate in the back of their house leads straight into a long river, which separates the rich neighborhood from the poor. it literally was entering a whole new world through one door. you can also see people floating around with food. we stopped a lady on the way for some chicken, sausages, and cabbages.

a better view of the river from on the rooftop of the house.
jill was so nice to buy us tickets to siam niramit, one of the world's largest stage productions. it's a performance show depicting the lives of thai people. before the event, we were allowed to play with elephants and chill around the area. everything was so festive!
during the main performance inside the theatre

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