Linvilla Orchards

ridin dirty in door-less peggy
some red delicious apples
a dozen apple cider donuts
scrumpdillyicious home made apple pie


i love my apartment back at school but i'm missing home a wee bit

Chocolate Strawberries

i can't cook or bake. BUT this weekend was one of the very few exceptions, and i helped my sister prepare for her friend's bridal shower. by the end, the kitchen was nearly unrecognizable and we were pooped out of our minds. need i say more why this isn't my favorite hobby?


the only things i'm ever interested in from anthropologie are their tchotchkes. this place just gives me the burning desire to get everything from pillows, jewelry boxes, soap dishes, glassware, candle holders to..even adorable little knobs.

Blue Platoon

the theme for my weekend photo diary unintentionally
here's my fantastical weekend!

The Little Black Jacket

andy and i frolicked the city blocks and walked an hour for this

wooster street held an open exhibition called "the little black jacket". unfortunately, it's only open for a week and today is the last. so here are some pictures of chanel's very best black jacket