The Little Black Jacket

andy and i frolicked the city blocks and walked an hour for this

wooster street held an open exhibition called "the little black jacket". unfortunately, it's only open for a week and today is the last. so here are some pictures of chanel's very best black jacket

"take as many as you want" so i gladly took...a lot. i won't tell you how many.

and......some other city encounters

dinner at Toscano's
last but not least, i put my free posters up on the walls as soon as I got in the morning


  1. Hey you,COOl blog

    Followed you on GFC no6
    Hope you follow back

  2. oh my god you are so lucky that you have the change to see the exbition in close!!
    i'm jealous!!! :)
    lovely photos and wonderfull posters!